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Startup Linkup — Our Recurring Mentor/'Trep Meetup Event


Startup Linkup™ January 23, 6:30pm: Sign up here.  6:30pm-8:30pm, $10, snack included.

Our first Startup Linkup (SULU) for 2017, where startups pitch to find mentors, advisors and maybe even a team member or investor!

Startup Founders:

Interest is usually based on your stage, your needs, and industry fit. Be compelling in your dialog and clear in your needs! For this program, startups may be from ANY industry (tech, life sciences or non) or at any stage. We take the first 12 who sign up and the pitch is 2 minutes followed by 4 minutes of audience Q&A and feedback!   It's a good time to just practice getting your message across!

Prospective Mentors & Others:

While we are hoping that some deserving startups get a person or two who are willing to Mentor (this is like a Board of Advisors), sometimes you just have a few hours of valuable experience or expertise that would also be useful. So, help a 'trep and the innovation ecosystem! There'll be time to chat after the
formal program. 

Come see what's brewing in innovation!

Please use this to register    $10 includes snacks!

Harvard Student Team, Bloom It On 

  This program was mentioned by Microsoft NERD as Top 6!


    Next one is May 2017 so take advantage of this one.

    All of our programs are held at TechSandBox, 105B South Street, Hopkinton, MA 'cause we got a big building with dozens of incubatees, tools, meeting space, and helpful people!