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Mentor and Advisor Application

If you are interested in offering pro bono advice and mentorship for Members of TechSandBox, please fill out this intake form.

Advising (aka 'office hours') — Experts on Site™ – where you provide occasional help in your domain of expertise
Our definition of Advising means that you come on site for 1/2 day and have 1-on-1 appointments where you answer questions in your area of expertise. There is no expectation of recurring meetings and no strings attached.

As an Expert, once qualified, advisors are invited to our Experts On Site program where you spend a day offering pro bono advice in 45 minute increments at TechSandBox. We handle the scheduling of those interested and market your availability. The meetings are organized by TechSandBox and currently open to the public (this will change).You do this to help a startup and give back with a long term view of 'getting'.

Mentoring -- Our "Expert Mentors" – Board of Advisors for Resident and Inner Circle Members
Mentors provide a more in-depth involvement with a company to which they are matched. Our requirements are for a minimum of two hours per month with one meeting at TechSandBox every month, for 12 months. You should get engaged enough to feel part of the team and be a guide, sherpa, muse and advisor. This is available only to our Resident or Inner Circle Members.

      Barry Rosenbloom  

Our new Mentor Program is supported by Barry Rosenbloom, former Controller.Jim Geisman advises us.

Link to apply to be a Mentor and/ or Advisor is here.

See our Experts on Site page for current Advisors.