TechSandBox: MetroWest Innovation Hub 


Board of Advisors

Our Advisory group is comprised of regional leaders who have a stake in and vision of innovation, Metro495 and economic development. 


   Joel Schwartz, SVP & GM, EMC   Bob Creeden    Jim Geisman Software Pricing expert    Rose Ann Giordano, tech exec, Advisor to TechSandBox, former DEC exec   Jerrold Shapiro, PhD, Floelle  Mike Mazzola, CEO, Lamprey Networks  Barry Rosenbloom  Dr Colleen Bielitz

    Assisting on the Business and Community Development Team for TechSandBox are a few special people you'll see around:

                                      Barry Rosenbloom, V.E.T. vet program    Michael Miller - BoD    Lisa Weil, CT/E Program Manager   Larry Nannis, TechSandBo   Jeff Thumm, Duke Devices   Alex Hill, expert, TSB Development, Professor

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