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May 11: Advanced Battery Systems: Enabling the Future
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Historically, relatively compact, especially portable energy storage methods have been major factors in both industrialization and its modernization. Notably, much of today's global industry was at least partially enabled by the relatively straightforward storage, transportation, management, and combustion of fossil fuels. 

Advanced electrochemical battery systems offer similar energy storage capabilities, that are becoming more and more necessary for efficient use of renewables and for the Smart Grid. 

This program will explore and discuss the current state of, the needs for and constraints with, and the future of advanced battery systems.


  • Doug Alderton,U.S. Eastern Region Director of Sales at NEC Energy Solutions
  • Richard Baxter,President of Mustang Prairie Energy
  • Peter Blume is President and founder of Bloomy Controls

Doug Alderton  Randy Armstrong Richard Baxter Peter Blume


Doug Alderton was brought in as the U.S. Eastern Region Director of Sales at NEC Energy Solutions, a Westborough Massachusetts based energy storage company, in February of 2016.

Prior to joining NEC, Doug worked at Vionx Energy Corporation, a vanadium redox flow battery company, as the Director of Marketing & Sales where he managed all client relationships and marketing activities related to launching a United Technology Corporation licensed energy storage technology into the grid marketplace.  Doug joined Vionx Energy from Premium Power Corporation, a zinc-bromine flow battery company, where he served as Director of Sales starting in December of 2007.

Doug has been a leader in the grid energy storage space since 2007 and in the clean energy industry since 1994 with his time at AeroVironment, Azure Dynamics, Solectria Corporation and at the New Jersey Department of Energy and Environment.

Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Economics from the School of Natural Resources at the University of Vermont.

Richard Baxter is President of Mustang Prairie Energy where he bridges the financial and technical sides of the energy storage industry for investors, project developers, and manufacturers. He is the author of “Energy Storage: A Nontechnical Guide” (Pennwell), and the U.S. DOE report, “Energy Storage Financing: A Roadmap for Accelerating Market Growth.” [SAND2016-8109]. He is also an Advisor with Enovation Partners. Richard has been active in the energy storage industry for 15 years, holding a variety of positions across the value chain, including Director of Product Strategy for Premium Power, an Investment Banker and Equity Analyst with Ardour Capital, strategy consultant for Charles River Associates, and an economist with Standard & Poor’s DRI. Richard holds a BS in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MS in Energy Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Energy Storage Association, and the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association.

Peter Blume is President and founder of Bloomy Controls, a leader in automated test equipment for battery test and simulation. Peter has presented at many conferences including the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC), The Battery Show, the International Stationary Battery Conference (BATTCON), Energy Storage Association (ESA), and NIWeek. Peter is the author of The LabVIEW Style Book, the industry standard for LabVIEW development style, and has published technical articles in publications including EE - Evaluation Engineering, EDN, Electronic Design, Desktop Engineering, and
Test & Measurement World.

Peter has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Connecticut, and is an inductee of UCONN’s Academy of Distinguished Engineers.

June 8: Our Clean Tech Trialog — We're trying a new format! Register early to get a spot!

Our Trialog is where Customers/ Investors/ Clean Tech/Energy Startups are organized at tables for fruitful conversation!

As a Startup, you get input from investors and prospective customers who are from companies that often buy your type of CT/E/W product or service! Slots are limited so sign up!

It's an organized mashup to bring the ecosystem together!


1. Alan Wink, Director of Capital Markets at Eisner Amper
2. Vivek Soni – Boston CleanTech
3. Bob Place, CEVG
4. Stanley Sakai, Defta Partners
5. Jeff Weiss, CEVG


  • Orlando Pacheco, Haverhill
  • Carol Smith, Notre Dame Long Term Care
  • Luis Azeredo, former Production Director and Facilties Manager, Boston Globe

THE STARTUPS include (we will accept 12):

  1. Proper Pipe
  2. Fluid-Screen
  3. enVerid Systems
  4. Green Sight AG
  5. Change Wind Corp

Watch for updates!

      Contact the Chairs if you have an interest in serving on the Steering Committee. One year+ commitment,  attendance at committee meetings and programs, ability to attract panelists/speakers/cases and organize/ moderate the program 2x a year in a timely fashion. Build a strong(er) network, meet interesting people, lead, and help. Membership included as a small reward fro us to you.

      Cam Carey  and  Eric Ross, Co-Chairs, Steering Committee: John Piret, Jeff Barnes, Brad Rolph 

      Contact our Chairs with questions or if you want to volunteer in some capacity.

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