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105B South Street in Hopkinton, MA is at the back door of 103-105, under a green awning. Really: all the way around the back of our neighbors at "DXP", green in color.

There's currently a "Colliers" real estate sign out front on South Street (blue and white). When you see Avenues A, B, C, slow down as we're on the ther side of South Street and just about across from Avenue D.  It's dark at night so we're trying to help you find us!

Part of Hopkinton Innovation Park - the sign at 103-105-105B      TechSandBox Door around the back of 103-105, under the green awning. Follow the big signs. Parking in adjacent lot or up the hill on the gravel.   Our Sign, walkway and awning. WELCOME!

Note that while our Resident Entrepreneurs have business access 24x7,  we do not have staff here 24/7 so appointments are required. The best way to see what we do it to show up at a program. See our calendar as these events are open to the public and you are welcome.

Phone:  508.485.7263  nancy

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105B South Street in Hopkinton, MA 508-485-7263