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IT Special Interest Group (SIG)

4th Monday, 5:30p-8p, $20 Advance (the Friday before program at 5pm) /$35 Door unless otherwise noted. Includes food.
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This cluster covers topics of interest to those involved with software for business: data center, productivity, mobile and more.

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This SIG is morphing into a Software SIG to include IoT, IT, applications, mobile, EdTech and more.

We are holding a 'call for volunteers' on August 13th. Come here about the requirements for Committee leadership and provide input on future direction! You must preregister.


Committee: Chris Patel, Pat Rioux, Mike Spinney, David Tapper

Co-Chairs, Chris Patel and Raj Kommalapaty

     storage, servers, virtualization, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, big data, HIT, eMR, Privacy, enterprise, MSP cluster    Chris Patel, IT cloud, saas, storage security, desktop, PaaS, data, analytics    Raj Kommalapaty, LabelMatters, IT SIG Chair   Pat Rioux, Elsevier and Expert in HIPAA and medical records.  


June 23: Home Automation and the Internet of Things (IoT)

To many industry insiders, Google’s $3bn purchase of Nest signals that the Internet of Things is here to stay. Mobile apps abound to control & orchestrate your home's lighting, heating & audio systems. Ford and ADT are partnering to enable home owners to operate security systems from their car and smart meters are enabling insight into detailed daily power usage patterns. The interconnection of these devices is enabling an Internet of Things in your home.  How will this affect your lifestyle? What are the technologies that underpin this revolution? Where are the unmet needs and where are the opportunity areas for entrepreneurs?

Paul Roberts, the Security Ledger, home automation IoT  Mark Komanecky, simpleHome  Home automation, smart home expert, TechSandBox  Ben Sprachman at TechSandBox IT SIG

MAY 12: Healthcare Analytics: Business models that facilitate data sharing & collaboration click to register

Spend an evening with experts who will address current opportunities in healthcare big data analytics. Glean valuable information about content monetization models, market research, competitive intelligence, etc.


Janice McCallum, Health Content Advisors     Gary Gaumer, Simmons College


April 28: Sales Will Never Be the Same: Selling IT in the Cloud Era

IT is in the midst of a major transformation, driven by the cloud and mobile computing. Likewise, IT sales is evolving from the traditional glad-hand model to one driven by analytics--where more and more buyers gather information and reach a decision before contacting a prospective vendor.

Do IT as a Service and mobile apps mean the death of sales as we know it? How can today’s IT vendors sell their products to non-traditional IT buyers? How do you transform your sales organization to meet today’s challenges? We’ll talk with a panel of proven sales experts to get the information you need to thrive.  

Lisle Holgate EPAM Systems   Todd Hussey CSB Excellence   Dave LeClair Stratus Technologies  


March 24: The Rise of Platform-as-a-Service

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is HOT! Gartner’s Richard Watson has described Private PaaS as ‘must have’ vs. IaaS as merely ‘nice to have’. What is PaaS and what is it not? Why is the promise of PaaS so compelling?
How should I choose a PaaS? Come hear from our distinguished experts and thought leaders. Bring your questions and network with other entrepreneurs, latent entrepreneurs and other technology enthusiasts.

David Menninger, Head of Business Development and Strategy, Pivotal (a division of EMC)

Karen Tegan Padir,  SVP & Chief Technology Officer, Progress Software

John Treadway,  SVP, Cloud Technology Partners

Moderator: John Ferguson, Senior Field Engineer, Pivotal

David Menniger Pivotal at TechSandBoxJohn Treadway Cloud Technology Partners, at TechSandBox    John Treadway Cloud Technology Partners, at TechSandBox  Karen Tegan Padir CTO Progress Software at TechSandBox


February 24: Developing your value proposition on a platform and with partners

From Doom to Minecraft to Salesforce, each has built a robust set of development partners and enthusiasts that have extended, customized and created net new value around the core platform. Building your business as a platform can create immense value, bring customers to your world -- and revenue to your organization.

Moderated by Brandon Butler, Sr. Writer with NetworkWorld. Panel includes:
Tom Heiser, EVP Cloud Strategy  EMC
George Adams, CEO, ViziApps
Dominick Cassone,  Zacaw Enterprises and JoomFuse
Parna Sarkar-Basu, VP of Marketing,
iCorps Technologies

Tom Heiser, EMC, EVP Coud Strategies at TechSandBox George Adams, CEO, ViziApps at TechSandBox Dominick Cassone, President Zacaw, at TechSandBox Parna Sarkar-Basu, VP Marketing, iCorps Technologies at TechSandBox


January 27: Data Privacy in the Digital Age

Title: Data Privacy in the Digital Age: what entrepreneurs need to know to protect themselves

Big companies like Target aren’t the only ones at risk of suffering a data breach. Entrepreneurs, startups, and small- and medium-sized businesses are rich targets for hackers, are often more vulnerable. What’s more, SMBs must also comply with privacy and security regulations like Mass 201 CMR 17, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and California’s data breach laws, or face stiff fines and penalties.

With Mike Spinney, Privacy Expert.

November 25: Video Communications and Streaming: state of the art, futures and where the opportunities lie

As video communications becomes ever more pervasive, entrepreneurs should understand where the technology boundaries lie, where the next hot areas of investment are and where the key unmet needs lie.

Spend an evening with our experts – including one of MIT Media Lab’s founding research faculty - to help us understand the state of the art in video communications technology and highlight opportunities for startups in this educational session with industry veterans.


Christopher Herot, Co-founder and CEO of SBR Health

Steven Shi, Vice President of Engineering at Virgin Pulse


S Shi at TechSandBox VirginPulse video and streaming trends and challenges   Chris Herot MIT Media Lab, IBM streaming and video


October 28: How to Choose a Public Cloud Service Provider 


Jeff Tingle, Co-Founder and CTO, TheraVid; Jeff has held senior software executive positions at the Risk Management Foundation.

Hiro Kataoka, Founder and CEO, HoGo: Hiro founded Dimatech (Digital Imaging Technologies) in 1991.

Mike Levinger, President & CEO, Digital Collaboration Solutions: an IT senior executive and multi-time entrepreneur specializing in the successful creation and deployment of mission-critical enterprise software.

September 23: Angel Investment in IT: What's Hot and What's Not

According to the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire[i], Angel Investments in 2012 totaled nearly $23bn, distributed over 67,000 ventures - a 1.8% increase from 2011. With software companies accounting for nearly a quarter of the investments, we have invited 4 local investing luminaries to a wide ranging Q&A session with the MetroWest entrepreneurial community to understand the contours and drivers of Angel investing in IT. Ask and learn about the perspective of an angel investor.


  • Joe Sarkar, Chief Development Officer, Cartiza Inc. Joe is a serial entrepreneur and investor focused on technology related opportunities. 
  • Angelo Santinelli, Founder of Dakin Management and Adjunct Professor at Babson College; Mr. Santinelli is an experienced leader and innovator in creating business strategy, marketing and delivering results.
  • Brad Curley, Angel Investor and Professor at Boston College; Brad is an Angel Investor, member of Boston Harbor Angels and adjunct professor at Boston College teaching managerial accounting at Carroll School of Management.
  • James Geshwiler, Managing Director – Boston Common Angels.

July 15: LIfe Sciences and IT SIGs join together for Taming the HIPAApotamus in the Room: Healthcare IT

Digital health records are creating unprecedented databases of confidental patient information; in response the HIPAA regulations have been created to protect the individual. While exacting the HIPAA regulations, is it possible learn from these databases to better the standard of health care? Can "big data" techniques be applied to generalized and patient specific records to improve the overall standard of care and ongoing care for an individual? How are patients being engaged and empowered to be active participants in their care? Come find out and discuss these important concerns!

Pat Rioux, Product Manager, Elsevier
Jeff Tingle, Founder, TheraVid
Norbert Kremer, Data Warehouse Expert
Tim D'Auria, iQuartic Co-Founder

June 24: It's a Night of Trends and Opps in IT

This month, the IT SIG gathers some experts in data center, storage, security and cloud to chat about opportunities and who's doing what. Join in the discussion.

Tomas Havrda, CEO, Solid Access, an SSD storage company
John Dix, Editor in Chief, NetworkWorld
Peter Jalajas, IT Security and Computing ConsultTomas Havrda, MD, SolidAccessant
Michelle Bailey, 451 Research, Analyst

John Dix, Network World, speaks at TechSandBox IT SIG    Tomas Havrda, MD, SolidAccess    Peter Jalajas, Security Expert   John Dix, NetworkWorld, IDG, speaks at TechSandBox    Michelle Bailey, 451 Research

May 20: Big Data, Intense Analytics and Big Opps 

It's our first IT SIG and it's a big topic that crosses industry boundaries: big data. Whether developing new storage technologies to handle the data or implementing analytics in medical, life sciences, financial services or telecommunications, the topic has broad impact.

Speaker: Sri Krishnamurthy, Analytics Consultant and Babson College Professor

Big Data and Analytics is one of the hottest growth areas in the IT industry. Understand where the key areas of innovation are and opportunities in this space. Hear insights from Sri Krishnamurthy, a successful new business developer who's helped launch several revenue-generating quantitative finance applications.


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