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3rd Monday of the Month, unless there's a holiday.  Networking and registration at 5:30p with program from 6:30p to 8:30pm. $25 early bird/ $30 until day before program/ $35 day of or at door. Includes food. Members are admitted free.

Our life sciences special interest group includes medical devices, cell biology, bio tech, pharmaceutical development, medical imaging and e-healthcare and a nice group of people.

 June 19, 2017: Scientific & Medical Advances for An Aging Population

With 57 million — 18% now and 22% predicted by 2020 — of the population of the US over 60 years old in 2010, where 60 is the new 40, what can we do/ is being done to slow down the aging process or even regain lost youth beyond living a healthy lifestyle?

The program looks at new medical devices, advances in pharmacology, and diagnotstic tools that we will all be glad exist! We are looking to cover:

1.     Cosmetic surgery, botox and lasers

Mary Lisa Stoll, RN. Executive Director Clinical Education, Cynosure

2.     Alzheimers identification, treatment

3.     Biologics that slow the aging process – brain, skin, bone…

Committee: Jerry Shapiro & Barbara Finer, co-chairs, Mark Hediger, Bruce Rogers, Rachit Ohri, David Howe, Jenn Fern

    Medical Devices, to Biotech, to Pharma and Cell Biology, to eMR, imaging, medical robotics, 510K, FDA   Jerrold Shapiro, PhD FemMedical 
  Mark Hediger, MEH   Bruce ROgers, PhD  David Howe, CEO and Co-Founder LuminaCare Solutions Inc
  Rachit Ohri  Jenn Fern



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