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Robotics, Sensors, Automation, Manufacturing SIG (RoboSAM)
1st Mondays, 5:30p-8:15p
(except for holidays so see Calendar, please). We start food, networking and registration at 5:30p with program proceedings.  $20 Advance (the Friday before program at 5pm) /$35 Door unless otherwise noted. Includes food. Members of this SIG are admitted free.

This special interest group is targeted at the folks who make the products that help make the products and people using these tools to make their own product. This includes: manufacturing and manufacturers, prototyping, sensors, signal processing, testing, measurement, vision. 



November 3: Outsourcing through Crowd and Cloud models: Operational Efficiencies for Robo/Manufacturing Companies

There are ways of creating a more virtual and more efficient company using crowd and cloud-based outsourcing!

Even testing manufacturing products, designing manufacturing products, developing business plans for a manufacturing product business can be outsourced.

Building a virtual business is a disruptive force that requires a new set of business rules of how to bring together buyers and sellers that are located any where in the world. This can include outsourcing pieces of your process, like product testing, to crowd sourcing a component being built!

We have invited some leading-edge players that will present on what are the fundamental building blocks they have done to build successful virtual businesses in areas such as application performance assurance, big data consulting, and architectural and design projects. Entrepreneurs in the manufacturing and robotics industry can utilize these same building blocks to create new virtual businesses for testing new products, implementing new designs, and assessing the feasibility of a new manufacturing business or even manufacturing process.

Preceded and followed by networking, as usual!

Panel led by David Tapper:

  • Damian Roskill, VP of Marketing, Applause (formerly uTest)
  • Harpreet Singh, Founder, Experfy
  • Imdat As, Founder,

Damina Roskill, Applause (uTest)     Harpeet Singh     Imdat As                 

Damian Roskill is responsible for growing and refining the Applause brand, expanding the customer base and serving as the tactical leader of the company's marketing initiatives. In this role, Damian aligns marketing's goals with that of other departments to ensure that the company continues its aggressive growth. Prior to joining Applause, Damian held senior positions at a wide range of companies, including Compete, 50 Lessons, Soundbridge, RxCentric and others. During this time, his responsibilities included project management and development, product marketing, as well as general marketing. Damian earned his BS in computer science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Harpreet Singh is the co-founder of Experfy, a big data consulting marketplace based in the Harvard Innovation Lab. He is an entrepreneur with experience leading cross-functional teams in global execution of product development, business strategy, operations, and technology functions. With exceptional emphasis on structured governance, he managed the program management initiatives for sixty technology startups from Citigroup's e-Citi Venture Portfolio Office. In a later role as Director of Technology, also at Citigroup, he architected the infrastructure of global multi-tiered, web-based electronic exchanges. Harpreet subsequently established the Project Management Office (PMO) for FX Alliance, a global foreign exchange platform, where he was responsible for enabling project and risk management functions for New York, London and Tokyo locations. Harpreet earned Master's and PhD degrees from Harvard University, where he also served as a faculty member.

Imdat As is the founder of, a first of its kind crowdsourcing platform for architectural design projects. Arcbazar was featured as one of the 100 most brilliant companies by Entrepreneur Magazine this year, and is located at the Cambridge Innovation Center at Kendall Square. He received is B.Arch. from the Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi, Turkey; M.Sc. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and doctoral degree from Harvard University. His interests include Collaborative Design, Digital Media Technologies in Architecture, and Architectural Representation.

Committee: Lori Jones, Kevin Derwin, Dan Hulub, Kapeel Krishana, Greg Tuers, Ashok Vichare, David Tapper, Sharad Mehta

Committee Co-Chairs Lori Jones and Greg Tuers

    Robotics, manufacturing, sensors, Mems, imaging, and industrial automation cluster at TechSandBoxRobotics, manufacturing, and industrial automation cluster at TechSandBox   Greg Tuers, ME, SolidScape and Co Chair or RoboSAM    Lori Jones Co Chairs the robosam sig   Ashok Vicchare operations and outsource expert for engineering   Kevin Derwin, iRobot, manufacturing, robotics, sensors, automation, autonomy  Kapeel Krishana, PhD  Dan Hulub Manufacturing Engineer  Sharad Mehta     Prior Programs

Speaker’s Name:     Candace Sidner

Speaker’s Title:       Research Professor, Computer Science

Short Bio:                   Candace L. (Candy) Sidner has a long-standing interest in human communication and collaboration, and their application to agents, robots and interfaces, especially those using gesture, social behavior, speech, and natural language.  


Candy is a Research Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with extensive experience in industrial labs, and independent consultant on projects including the RESPECT project for health information for clinical trials. She is PI of the Always On Relational Agent project with Chuck Rich at WPI and Tim Bickmore at Northeastern University, Co-PIs. She has recently worked on multimodal (including gesture) interfaces using a humanoid robot for the role of engagement in conversation.  


Candy is a Fellow and past Councilor of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, was elected a Fellow of the Association for Computational Linguistics in 2013, and is a senior member of the IEEE.  She has been general chair for a number of conferences, and services on two journal editorial boards.  She was also President of the Association for Computational Linguistics.  She received her Ph.D. from MIT in Computer Science.


Company Website:

Company Pitch:    WPI’s Computer Science program is as diverse and varied as the field of computer science itself, offering course work and specializations in areas such as human-robotic interaction, intelligent tutoring and educational data mining, bioinformatics, computer security and privacy, and graphics and animation among many others. 

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