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Robotics, Sensors, Automation, Manufacturing SIG
1st Mondays, 5:30p-8p
$20/$30 Advance/Door unless otherwise noted. SIG Members are free.Food included. 

This special interest group is targeted at the folks who make the products that help make the products and people using these tools to make their own product. We know about manufacturing and manufacturers. Sensors? Signal processing? Testing? Measurement? Vision? We got that covered too. Need to understand manufacturing of a product in medical devices, consumer electronics? 

UPCOMING PROGRAMS  JUNE 2: Flying Robots JULY 14: tbd


MAY 5: Arduino Open Source Prototyping Build Night and Demo  (click to register; space limited)

Learn about prototyping electro-mechanical products with leaders from the WPI Robotics Resource lab. We get to see sample projects and built one too using Arduinos!

"Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform of easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for anyone wanting to build something with sensors, motors and actuators that can be controlled."

These tools are appropriate for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments to this program and prototype design. Extra parts can include vision, lights, motors and more.

Registration includes your own Arduino Kit so you will have something to take home with you*.  Don't want a kit? That's okay. Come listen, observe and cheer on someone else (use code NO-ARD if you DO NOT WANT a KIT). Deadline to order the kit is April 24th. The software is available in advance to download to your computer which you will need to bring to the event at   $99 includes your own Arduino Kit, and food! SIG Members get a $20 discount.


   Professor Brad Miller, Associate Director of the WPI Robotics Resource Center, enjoys taking complicated subjects and making them easy to understand. Some of the projects he has worked on include developing WPILib, the software library used by all FIRST Robotics Competition teams as the basis for its robot programs. Brad is starting the FIRST/ WPI Research Center initiative, a system for getting robotics engineering research and project work into the hands of FIRST

   Joseph St.Germain, Robotics Lab Manager, has been lab manager for the Robotics Engineering Department for four years, working closely with faculty, staff, and students on various projects, mostly those pertaining to the core RBE classes. His background is in electrical and mechanical engineering and computer science. Joseph likes spending weekends with family and friends and enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, and motor sporting.

Brad Miller, Robotics Professor, WPI at TechSandBox for Arduino Night   Joe St.Germain, Robotics Lab Manager, WPi at TechSandBox for Arduino Night

Feel free to buy your own kit.

APRIL 7: Medical Robotics with
VGo Remote Mobile Screen Communication, Myomo Myoelectric Prosthetic Technology, Ximedica

Learn about the technology used to help the medical field. Discuss the issues around developing and growing a medical robotics and medical device company.

Paul R. Gudonis, CEO of Myomo,

Peter N. Vicars, CEO and President of VGo,

Corey Libby, Program Manager, Ximedica

Paul Gudonis of Myomo at Robotics program at TechSandBox     Peter Vicars, VGo at TechSandBox Robo program   Corey Libby, Ximedica, surgical robotics, TechSandBox panelist

March 3: Makerspace Tools of the Trade Showcase

Come learn from those who help get products designed, prototyped and manufactured. This showcase will be highlighting leading companies and technologies that are being used today that can be leveraged to give you a competitive advantage. And, we have another 3D printer coming our way! On deck:

Led by Dan Hulub

February 3, 2014: RoboSAM SIG: Six Sigma for a Lean World  With Jack Reardon of QPS

Hands on and interactive program in Lean and Six Sigma business and manufacturing processes. Designed to eliminate waste and improve efficiency, we will have a discussion and then a workshop and team competition to design the best and most efficient process.
Jack Reardon, QPS, Lean and Six Sigma program    

January 6, 2014: RoboSAM SIG: 3D Printing:
What can you really do

With 3D Printing being used on everything from home repair to fuel nozzles on aircraft engines to anatomical models, we ask: is it a fad, an incremental improvement or a total disruption to manufacturing?

This month we will talk experts in the 3D Printing to examine in what ways this technology is disrupting and/or enabling manufacturing, research and design.  Also on hand to examine will be a Makerbot Replicator 2.

Hear about what can and can't be done, about the different materials used, and software design tools.


  • Crispin Weinberg, President of Biomedical Modeling
  • Kevin Harrington, Co-founder of Neuron Robotics, as well as work for Professor Fisher at WPI in order to develop software for an MRI-compatible robot
  • Eric Doberstein, Vice President of Sales for CAPINC, experts in 3D modeling
  • ADDED: Jeremy Fryer-Biggs, Founder, Mebotics, all-in-one milling and 3D printing
  • Moderated by Greg Tuers, Manufacturing Engineer at SolidScape and RoboSAM SIG Committee Member

      Crispin Weinberg President of BioMedical Modeling at TechSandBox   Eric Doberstein, 3D Printing, VP at Capinc   Jeremy Fryer-Biggs founder Mebotics 3D printing and milling at TechSandBox   Kevin Harrington, Founder, Neuron Robotics and WPI alum at TechSandBox

K.Harrington, C.Weinberg, E.Doberstein, J.Fryer-Biggs

November 4: Machine Learning and Ties to Artificial Intelligence

Forge new ground with pioneering innovators in enabling technologies in manufacturing and robotics with pioneer Bill Taylor who wrote the book ‘What Every Engineer Should Know About Artificial Intelligence,” to current Speech and Language Recognition engineer Bill Millward from Nuance Communications, makers of Dragon Language Recognition Software.

With ties to automation through machine learning, meet others and participate in discussions about these enabling technologies in our Robotics, Sensors, Automation and Manufacturing Special Interest Group.

Bill Taylor.  In his 350 page book, “What Every Engineer Should Know About Artificial Intelligence” published by the MIT Press and available at, is a classic from an early innovator. Bill has worked for the New York Times, Ford, Chrysler, US Navy and was involved with NASA's Apollo project.

Bill Millward. Software Engineer, sales exec and entrepreneur with companies in the telecom, voice processing, speech recognition and mobile application space, Bill developed business plans, products, strategies and organizations for startup and established companies such as Nuance Comunications, Phonetic Systems, Glenayre, Dialogic, VoiceTek and GTE. He was educated in Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Bill Millward of Nuance; formerly with Dialogic, GTE at TechSandBox    Bill Taylor and AI

October 7: Fireside Chat with the Father of the PLC: DIck Morley

You've heard the term 'serial entrepreneur'? Well, this man is a serial inventor, ideator, and entrepreneur. Programmable Logic Controllers have changed the way manufacturing and other forms of automation are done. Hear his story.

Dick Morely PLC inventorDick Morely PLC inventor

September 9: Investor / Investee: A Frank Discussion About What Makes a Strong Partnership with John Kawola of Harvest Automation and VC Nick Pappas of Mass-Ventures.


Nick Pappas Mass Ventures at TechSandBox  John Kawola of Harvest Automation at TechSandBox

August 5: Our first SIG meeting some STEM, some FUN, ...

Event Agenda:  The Tools It Takes to Start a Sensors-based Product Company (aka Hardware)
Come meet some folks in the industry that have launched ventures and learn about what it has taken them to get this far. We'll discuss tools available, alliances and partnerships needed, and a few critical success factors.

Speakers/ Demo-ers:
Lisa Freed, iRobot STEM Outreach Team
Kryngle Daly, Founder, KBioSim and his robo dog
Kevin Harrington, Co-Founder, Neuron Robotics
Francisco Aguilar, Founder, Bounce Imaging
Moderated by Barbara Finer

Lisa Freed, STEM Program at iRobot Kryngle Daly, CEO, KBioSim  Francisco Aguilar CEO Bounce Imaging


Committee: Lori Jones, Kevin Derwin, David Diamond, J Mark Inman, Dan Hulub, Greg Tuers, Ashok Vichare

Committee Co-Chairs Lori Jones and Kevin Derwin

Kevin Derwin of iRobot Co Chairs the Robo SIG   Lori Jones Co Chairs the robosam sig

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