TechSandBox: MetroWest Innovation Hub 


STEM Saturdays for High School Students

In the planning stages. Want to help? Contact our Chair.

STEM FIRST science and engineering in Metrowest at TechSandBox

Encouraging science and engineering interest in young adults.

Most of the folks involved in TechSandBox were blessed with the encouragment and support systems to have degrees in science or technology. We want to support sci-tech sector entrepreneurs-of-tomorrow. The offering isn't yet defined so help us figure it out. Target is high school students in our region and a hands-on, club-like environment.

Steering Committee: Dawn Darnell, Co-Chair; Randal August, Co-Chair

Dawn Darnell KNS CPA    Randy August    

Committee Members: Jenna Farrell, Alexander Norton, Ed Harrow, Suzanne Knight and Maria De Vuono-Homberg

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